May 10, 2011

RDP v7 over Wine

Got a chance to test out the RDP v7 client shipped in Windows 7 over Wine 1.3.19. The RD gateway (connect from anywhere) is the key feature i need but it seems it's supported in NT 6 (at least 6.1 for Win7) and later.

Configure the OS version to Windows 7 with winecfg does not help, or maybe worse, as all I got is the error complaining missing .MUI files even the .mui counterparts of mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll were provided in the same or en-US, en-US.utf8 folders.

Feeding Wine with the .dll required by mstsc still shows no luck. Let's wait and see if later version of Wine could fix it or not.


  1. Have you had a change to make mstsc work under wine? I have been trying hard to make it work in Suse 11.4 but I just can get the main screen and it never loads. Any idea?


  2. Yeah, the mstsc in Windows 7 works under Wine 1.3.19 if you don't need RD gateway feature aforementioned.

  3. Running on Ubuntu 10.04, not sure about SuSE, but I think it's much related to Wine version, not the Linux distro.