Mar 25, 2013

ZyXEL P-6101C as Home Router and Wi-Fi Access Point

If you're using HiNet as your ISP in Taiwan, the ADSL modem they lent you could do much more than you think with a little more configuration.  Today we're going to turn our ZyXEL P-6101C ADSL modem into a home router, and a Wi-Fi AP.  Here's a list of services that we need to configure in this box:
  • DHCP server
  • PPPoE auto dial-up
  • Wireless service
By default, the IP address of the box is, and the login credential is fixed to 2 or 3 simple combinations based on the area you live.  It's publicly discussed so we're not going to cover this :b.  Please google it by yourself.

DHCP server 

Go to Setup -> LAN, and make a reasonable IP address pool.

On the same page, DNS server could also be configured.

Wireless service

Go to Wireless -> Basic to configure the SSID of your access point.

Setup auth type, encryption, and the passphrase.

PPPoE dial-up

Go to Quick Setup page, fill in your PPPoE username and password, and don't forget to enable the WLAN entry we previously configured.

If everything goes well, you'll see the new SSID in the AP list.  Happy surfing!