May 12, 2012

Legacy DOS Game - nAnB Number Guessing (1994)

A number guessing game most people familiar with, written during the summer break in 1994.  A maximum of 9 digits are supported.  It's a pure text mode program with default VGA palette modified.

The readme file:

                        NANB, Digit Guesser v1.0

           An educational game for MS-DOS.  VGA/EGA required.
           Copyright (c) 1994 by Hubert Lin, NCU M.E., Taiwan
         E-mail: (before Jun. 1995)
                          All Rights Reserved

This software consists of the following files:

        KEYCODE  H   - Header file
        NANB     C   - Source code for the game
        NANB     TXT - This file
        NANB     EXE - The main executable file
        NANB     H   - Header file
        NANB     PRJ - Project file
        UNCRUNCH H   - Header file provided by TheDraw v4.63
        UNCRUN_F OBJ - Object file provided by TheDraw v4.63

 * TheDraw v4.63 is a screen editor by TheSoft Programming Services and
   Ian E. Davis

    <<<  NANB v1.0 is FREEWARE, please distribute or upload it! >>>


 the main screen

 F1 help screen

7-digits number guessing

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