May 12, 2012

Rubik's Cube - A DOS Game Written 19 Years Ago (1993)

Accidentally found several programs I wrote in Turbo C running in DOS while cleaning up my almost-full disk drives.  Wondering if I can run them under Linux, a utility called dosemu makes it possible.  The first program is a Rubik's cube game, which you can rotate the whole cube or a single face.  Actually it's a C language assignment co-worked with my classmate Andrew (Yong-Yi) Lee back in 1993, our sophomore year in NCU, and we got a very high score on this project. If my memory serves, he did the 3D animation part while I took care of the logic and 2D gfx.  We also uploaded the executable and the source code to the public domain a year later in 1994.  Amazing that the archive (, 110 KB) we uploaded is still available at Simtel legacy MS-DOS collection as of this writing. In those good old days when World Wide Web had not been invented, we had trouble finding the correct term in English for this cube (魔術方塊 in Chinese), so we just translated it literally to Magic Cube. Very funny (or stupid) huh?

Although the screenshots were all taken under the dosemu boxes in Linux, I do believe this game is also compatible on modern OS'es like Windows 7, but haven't been tested yet.

Download (110 KB, SHA1 digest c57371faba7bdedb00034cb32449c34ec55f369b):

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the logo

the main screen, yeah the flower motif's kinda sissy, but i'm not sure that was my idea ;)

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  1. Very nice cube program!

    Magic cube is completely right, the original cube is Bűvös kocka which translates to Magic Cube in english.

    I collect Rubik's Cube programs!
    I have a (incomplete) list here:

    Some day I will have pictures on the web of all the programs I can find.